Blue Moon’s Secret (An Epiphany)


The silence of the night is deafening

As I find myself reaching for a dream

Quietude voices its harsh displeasure

As a whisper hidden within a scream


I lay here gazing at the beauty above

While it illuminates the midnight sky

Full and round and without question

Emotion conveyed in single tear I cry


The solitude of existence confounds

As time slows to keep us pondering

Meaning of life may not be visible

Yet my thoughts continue wandering


Epiphany comes in peaceful night

Putting end to sleepless frustration

Commonalities shared with a moon

Shedding light on Mother’s creation


Much like the light cast from up above

Serenity bathes me in a brilliant clarity

As my radiance shines for others to see

I am singularly splendid in my sincerity


Like an oasis amidst the endless ocean

Alone yet surrounded by abundant life

I shed my light when and where I can

In hopes of lifting spirits; ending strife


A revelation of blue moon’s quiet secret

I see it’s light comes from other direction

Much like the light I try to bring to others

I’m not the source, but a glorious reflection










14 responses to “Blue Moon’s Secret (An Epiphany)

  1. What stunning revelations, my friend! Yes, you know you are quite capable of “Masterpiece” status as you’ve had many now!! 🙂

  2. this sparks a lot of emotion in me as I’ve spent many a night gazing upward … the sense of serenity you spoke of is very strong in those moments. beautifully captured.

    and thank you for your kind comment about me. even though I have trouble accepting it, I truly do appreciate it. =)


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