Colorful Words


Words to me exist as a source of inspiration

A soothing balm to my often troubled mind

I enjoy the creative challenge of storytelling

By written word metered in rhythmic rhyme


Sometimes I hit my mark, others not so much

But the quest to continue the learning process

Finding new and different ways to say one thing

Is what keeps me striving to improve my lines


The words I choose to load my poetic palette

Often more colorfully elaborate than need be

See my vocabulary grow as the only result

As I am in fear of the staleness of repetition


Writing is an adventure of the mind to me

A quest for self awareness inside my head

The comfort I find in words and their meaning

Is immense compared to the confusion of life


I find criticism an important factor in my art

Taking what I need, dispatching the insulting

Every reader entitled to opinion of their own

Freedom of speech is wielded like a sword


Thought must be given to the approach taken

Care given in voicing derisive negative opinion

Tact and consideration should be in abundance

Leaving double edged sarcasm inside it’s sheath


So with each new day my exploration continues

Finding words that strike me, placing them just so

Taking the thoughts of others always to my heart

While never letting sarcasm compromise my art


17 responses to “Colorful Words

    • Yup, this is my response to a bit of what I consider to be tactless criticism. I encourage criticism if it is encouraging in nature. But sarcastic condescension doesn’t fly with me. “She” turned out as I had intended. Maybe an over reaction but my viewpoint nonetheless. Unapologetic.

      • Grrr. Not sure the scenario exactly, but if there is mal intent behind criticism it is unproductive and harmful. Basically, once past the intended offense- blow it off babe! 🌻 you rock! 🎸

      • Thanks E. You are awesome. I reacted, wrote it out of my system and am past it. Thanks for the wise advice.. I appreciate you always. I left you a few quip notes with a bit more detail. Be well and keep inspiring.

  1. Beautifully said, my friend. You write what you want and continue to do so. We write what’s in our souls and the diversity of everyones work is what makes poetry .. well, poetry. You have readers who love your stuff! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you pointed me to this poem as a follow-up read. Everyone is right, you know. You are doing a wonderful job and even though not everyone can like/appreciate everybody’s work, there is no need to be blatantly rude. The fact is that everyone who even claims to have any kind of artistic ability should understand how we all drain ourselves into every piece we unveil to the world. It’s already frightening enough without someone who should know better (in my opinion) ripping another apart. Sorry, but these kinds of things really stick in my crawl. It’s needless and just plain mean! 🙂 Anyway, like I said, you are doing a fantastic job and there are obviously many people who appreciate you. Sorry for the rant. lol

    • LOL. No problem. I couldn’t agree more. This person still reads me rom time to time and has been complimentary at times as well. I assume it was just a misplaced opinion that got away. But I had to make my feelings known on the matter in the most honest way possible without getting belligerent or rude. Hope that was accomplished. I love the fact that this is such a great community of artists and everybody is so continually supportive of one another. Thank you again for your voice Audrey. It is much appreciated.

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