I so anxiously anticipate her every arrival

Once again she has returned to my sensibility

To haunt my nights and fever my dreams

Holding me captive under her wicked spell


An exquisitely mysterious spectral being

Casting shadows upon my weary mind

Replacing sunlight with her dreary grays

She keeps them in abundance just for me


I watch her spin and twirl under gloomy sky

As if a ballerina were possessed by the night

She tells her tale thru fascinating movement

Entranced by the haunting beauty of her sway

She keeps me mesmerizingly spellbound


A myriad of shadows follow her every move

As every silvery shade comes to life above her

Occasional azure hues bring tension to the fold

As she twists and drifts throughout my thoughts


The cold she brings is a welcomed shift in climate

As it passively tempers my often fiery recollections

There is an ominously stormy reality to her presence

Yet I find much comfort in her intermittent company


She never ventures too close to the veil between us

Her otherworldly existence keeps her out of reach

I am captivated by her terrifyingly strong charisma

But fear the consequences of breaking the invisible seal

So she shall remain beautifully yet undeniably elusive


She will be gone again soon….she never stays for long

And once again I will be left alone in her absence

To ponder the meaning of her existence in my life

I know one thing for certain though…..I shall miss her


I always do………


24 responses to “She

    • Thanks D. Not exactly sure if chills are as common a response as most would think. Sometimes fascination with the powerful unknown is so captivating that there is no room for fear.

  1. I really enjoyed this! Your words painted beautiful pictures within my mind. As far as the troll in your comments, you handled it very well. Good job. I also don’t understand how this could be “an advertisement for a thesaurus.” It was a smooth read for me. And I’m also glad that you refused to ‘dumb down’ your work or apologize for being true to yourself. Never apologize for being who you were meant to be. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Audrey. Thank you for the follow as well. I also wrote a piece right after responding to the negative comment to air things out and get myself some closure. It is called “Colorful Words” if you would care to check it out. I have no problems with constructive criticism as long as it is delivered with the proper intent. We are all learning each and every day right? Thanks again for the wonderful comment and support.

  2. I just read this again. It’s fascinated me since you wrote it. I read the comments to see what other people thought and then I read the poem again and I scrutinized it to see which words were too hard to read and I couldn’t find one so I read it again and then I scratched my head and then I read it one more time and I thought, hmm… I guess some people really do have a ceiling to their intelligence. Sad….
    It’s so well written and in classical free verse too. 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa. I liked it when I wrote it. Still do. I was confused by that comment to but let it go after a brief vent. (read colorful words) Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Just could have been delivered a bit better. Glad you like it too.

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