Forever Young


You are you, and I am me

How old you ask…

Would I be?

I would have wisdom of the ages

Protecting me

From me

I would have youth brimming over

So plain to see

Accompany me

I would know the dangerous things

This time around

Staying clear and free

I would do the things I missed

Things escaping childhood


I would right the wrongs

I wronged before

So spectacularly

I would correct the past

Set transgressions free

Free of me

So you ask this of me

How old would I…

This person be?

It matters not the age I choose

A number would not suffice

You see

I cannot retrace the steps I took

Child at heart

My only plea

If I knew not how old I am

Venturing a guess is not

For me

This I say with a laugh and smile

My age would be forever young



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