Desires Deliverance


Desperate to escape a tumultuous sea

Desire runs deep yet needs a reprieve

Reaching for freedom, beauty ascends

As passion climbs too high to perceive


Vision of oceanic allure graces the sky

Leaving the turmoil of tides far behind

Gentle eyes gaze upon clouds up above

Pressures of the depths quickly unwind

Miracles above the surface proceed to unfold

Carried higher by promise of a heart uplifted

So divergent from heaviest of burdens below

Intoxicating atmosphere of cerulean sky is gifted

Delicate lady of the sea transforms to winged angel

Taking flight upon feathered yearning ambition

Brief respite from the dangerous surf provides peace

Pressing demand for change comes swiftly to fruition

Perspectives alter and realities shift from within

As serenity chips away at Lady’s obsidian exterior

Perfect balance recaptured between Heaven and Sea

Meaning of life in harmonies sung by voices superior

Newfound tranquility resides in body and spirit

As cleansing of her soul has assuredly taken place

Return to her rightful place as Queen of the Oceans

Brings calm to the waters of Beauty’s saving grace

19 responses to “Desires Deliverance

    • Thank you Elan. Thank you for providing your link as well. I am excited to read your work. Especially from “Ghost Stories”. I love good horror flash fiction. I TOO have written a few flash pieces. I actually started that way and delved into poetry from there. My favorites are “Girl in the Window” and “Bloody Mary”. They can be found in the Haunted Chronicles category or just typed into the search bar. Hope you enjoy as I am sure to enjoy your work as well. Be Well and Keep Inspiring.


  1. Dear John — I don’t know how you do it, but you know how to talk to me in a way that defies logic. 😉 This is a very beautiful piece and extremely heartwarming … and they certainly do bring peace. I will keep it tucked within my heart. Thank you!!!!

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