Dangerous Reflection



I see you standing there

Staring at me with contempt

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Certainly no better or worse than I


The feelings of self doubt consume

Not just me but you as well

Your condescending glare

Finds it’s way under my skin

As it begins to crawl with shame


I have known many others like you

They all share a common thread

Out to prove their alpha dominance

Over my weary threadbare soul


I have overcome this dread before

Stifled those who scowl with disapproval

Rejoiced in a new and brilliant perception

While knowing that ones such as you

Will always return to my awareness


You cannot stay hidden behind shadow

And will not ever shrink away for very long

Ceaselessly you administer your oppression

Building yourself up by tearing me down


I shall stand for this no longer

Once again I shall dismiss your arrogance

You are still no better or worse than I

I recognize now more than ever my mirrored foe

Reflection that haunts me is only you… my devious self

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