Pay It Forward



Do the things they will remember

Find the things that make you smile

Work hard just for hard works sake

Let that alone carry you an extra mile


Play as hard as you wish to play

Find your focus on life’s final prize

But play with honesty and hard truth

Because any less will be seen as lies


Be the one that sees true value in life

And the things that remain without worth

Truth to self comes first and foremost

In honesty comes peace and daily rebirth


 Once these things are personally found

With all else steadfastly in proper place

The things we keep as the most important

Must be shared unselfishly in a rapid pace


Pay it forward from the depths of the heart

All the while holding it so close to the soul

One must keep all things in the right order

To be positive that experience rules our role


Give unthinkingly to those without a hope

Take away from them nothing but gratitude

Warmth of kindness vast and without measure

Look for nothing but betterment of attitude


A simple smile can bring out the hiding sun

While a kind word can bring music to the air

All these things cost nothing to give so freely

All that is sought is a simple sign that we care








8 responses to “Pay It Forward

    • Thanks D. Not everything can come from the shadows. This was brought on by the suggestion of a very good friend and a reminder that simple gestures go a very long way to making this world a better place.

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