Smoke and Mirrors (Ghost)

Violet Smoke Art Wallpapers2

Age old mystery of a truth never told
Built upon foundations of tenuous trust
Seen in quick reflections time and again
Willfully discredited as airborne dust

The things I have heard with my own two ears
Sounds of the night can’t possibly explain
I’ve listened to the morning arrive with fears
While witnessing the nighttime inflicting pain

I can still hear playful laughter of children
Also acknowledging the harsh sounds of insanity
Making me question the solidity of my existence
In relation to the reality of current humanity

Noises are a telltale sign of my desperate tale
This story I tell myself to make sense of it all
Yet visions I endure are the most sinister by far
To see what I’ve seen would cause an empires fall

I am outside looking into a smoke filled room
Through the painted glass that draws me inside
Sterling image of myself through the silver haze
Mystery of existence becomes my seductive bride

Mirage or miracle is a question left unanswered
As I remain standing alone with my reflection
Wondering if I am visible or fearfully ignored
While perpetually bound to my beloved’s protection


10 responses to “Smoke and Mirrors (Ghost)

  1. Making me question the solidity of my existence
    In relation to the reality of current humanity—

    That and the last two stanzas. Wow. I could feel that, in the part of me buried deep down that awakens when I’ve got a bad case of the sads or when my mind loses coherence. Very well done, my friend.

  2. And your brilliance continues to blossom even in my absence!!!!! Loved this piece. Of course, it reminded me of our first conversation in which I confided in you about my “ghost”. 😉 I really have missed your writing, insight and visions.

    • In rereading this piece I can see why it reminds you of that conversation and the circumstances involved. Thank you so much for the perfect compliment. I can’t wait til you are back again more often to lift my ego. LOL. I am up in the woods at Lake Tahoe and am so relaxed. Lots of riding and relaxation is just the stress relief I needed. Thanks again and take good care of yourself until we can see each other here more often.

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