Contradiction In Black


I see the inside from far outside the boundaries
While images of the exterior come from deep within
My lasting impression of absolute angelic purity
Wears the guise of explicitly lustful carnal sin

To say I am a liar would be God’s honest truth
Yet I have never spoken falsely over so many ages
I have shaped wise men from simple earthen clay
Commanded lunacy be inflicted upon the wisest sages

What some see above would be my biggest downfall
As what exists below is the very thing that lifts me
 While the light illuminates the slightest positivity
It is inside darkness that my essence comes to be

A myriad of names can be called to bring me forth
I can likewise be found under moniker of nameless
Forcefully I shall direct the strong and the willful
Or subtly coerce the humble souls wandering aimless

I appear to be two sides of a very complicated coin
Tossed to the wind defining such a simple contradiction
 A seemingly benevolent demeanor draws so many close
 Only to find the malignant truth of malevolent infliction

14 responses to “Contradiction In Black

    • Thanks Johnny. Looks like it may be obvious to those paying attention that there was a certain Rolling Stones song that served as the soundtrack to this piece. Pleased to meet you……..Have some courtesy
      Have some sympathy, and some taste

      Have a good one J.

  1. I’ll be darned if that isn’t one of the more honest reflections I’ve heard in a while. I think we can all relate to the conflict between the self we aspire to be and present to the world, juxtaposed against the humanity of our true self that lies underneath. I’m not sure it’s always deception as much as just the reality of the human experience that we typically don’t take time to acknowledge because we all feel as if we’re the only ones like that and it’s uncomfortable. Great, thoughtful piece!

  2. Takes me back to a discussion we had about my piece “Dancing with the Devil” and music that might inspire (conspire) in my writings. 😉 What I love best about your writings are that you illustrate the dark and fearsome so vividly, yet you are so pure of heart. Much love, John!

    • Thank you D. The darkness and light are just “two sides to MY very complicated coin”. Thank you also for the pure of heart comment. Not exactly sure how truthful it is but I do aspire to be the person my parents raised me to be. Just a WAY more colorful and experienced version of that person. LIVE LIFE. Thanks again.

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