Once again I find myself within these confines

Walls closing in while freedom can’t be reached

Tantalizingly close yet so frustratingly far away

Impenetrable barriers that can’t be breached


Self imposed imprisonment of the mind

My thoughts become the bars of this cage

Imagination slammed shut and locked tight

While absence of ideas illustrates my rage


Incarcerated within the framework of artistry

Words once my weapons now become my cell

What is to become of the visions within my head

Only the unhurried sands of time will ever tell


Enclosed inside the heavy mortar of awareness

Lies a battlefield embroiled in a war I cannot win

Irony frames the only window in my shrinking box

As thick frozen glass keeps light out and darkness in




10 responses to “Within

  1. My dear friend — this piece eloquently describes the hell I seem to dwell in every June. I love how your writings are so intimately felt within you but pertain to so many of “us”.

    • My dear friend D, Thank you so much. It does my heart good to know that my words have a real effect and pertain to others realities. The power of words is amazing to me as they can portray so many things to each and every varied perspective. I write for me, but write in the hopes that others will bring their own life and reality to my words. Thank you for your reassurance that this is possible.

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