Golden Gift Of Memory

To all my wordpress friends.

I found myself writing what I thought was going to be a poem from the lighter side and the importance of memories, when one specific line came to me and changed the entire theme. As someone who has the unfortunate circumstance of witnessing the ravages of both Alzheimer’s disease and early onset dementia in two of my family members, I suddenly realized this piece was about them. So any of you who may also be familiar with how devastating this condition can be to a family and friends, please know this is a dedication to you as well.


 Golden gift of sunlight’s departure

Leaves us with such stunning visions

Images etched into pleasant memory

To draw upon when times seem bleak


Peaceful places are frozen in time

So they may bring warmth from above

People and places linger ever sweet

Upon the fragility of remembrance


Safe to say we all cling to elusive hope

A desire never to forget the paramount

To hold captive visions of adventures past

While remaining keen within the moment


We should never stop chasing forward

So we may have an abundance of riches

Treasures stored away to be recollected

On days such as these when troubles loom


Live in the moment and then store it away

Along the banks of a serene flowing river

A place inside the mind that can easily be found

So it may once again be brought forth to enjoy


Do these things I ask with diligence always

While also remembering the less fortunate

For the ones among us who were betrayed

Left standing along the banks of confusion


Cruelest fate of a lifetime stolen in the night

Left with nothing to recall as joyous or blessed

While strangers are made of the dearly beloved

And what is fair and right vanishes with the sun







21 responses to “Golden Gift Of Memory

  1. I used to think it was saddest for the family to observe the loss of memories in someone till I learned that the sufferer knows of the onset and has therefore to deal with the knowledge that it will all slip away. It’s an awful condition made even more difficult I think for the length of time it goes on. I’m sorry that you know of this personally in family. My understanding of it is from friends who have shared their stories. The picture you’ve chosen to capture hazy golden days is so apt and your words a gentle reminder.

    • Thank you friend. This started out as a happy piece about memories but the line “Upon the fragility of remembrance” triggered something and it became a tribute to my sister in law and her mother. My brothers wife is dealing with the realities of early onset dementia (she is only 56) and her mother is in the full throes of alzheimers.
      It is devastating to the entire family to be sure, but I can totally see the sufferers side of it too as this is the stage my sister in law is facing right now. She knows fully what is happening and what is to be expected. I think it is equally horrific for both sufferer and family. Just in very different ways. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me.

  2. Beautiful John! What a tribute – spot on. I think this pretty well underscores how we can best respond to the sadness of the disease, by counting our fond memories as blessings and relishing our celebrations as they come in the present time.

    • Thanks Daren. This was an important piece for me and came without thought or plan. Sometimes the most important things just arrive like that. Thanks again for reading and commenting. Be well

  3. This actually brings to mind my “soul mate” that suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost all recollection of his friends — he only recognized his family as his mind locked him away in his childhood. I try to recapture the memories he and I shared in some of my writings but I always become overwhelmed with sadness knowing that those moments no longer exist for him.
    Amazing write, John. Too touching, as a matter of fact.

    • I am truly sorry this piece hit so close to you D. It is truly an horrific thing to see as reality when someone is robbed of memories in ANY way. It truly reaches far beyond just victim and family. Thank you for your kind words about the write, but this one wrote itself. Much love friend.

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