Silent Scream


It has the power to make the night come alive


To paint the darkness vivid with invisible color


It walks alone, unseen among the multitudes


Casting shadows of nothingness upon empty spaces


Existing solely out of perceptual nonexistence


Consisting of the dreams said to be impossible


Things deemed far too frightening to be believed


Capturing imaginations without casting it’s net


It is the passing flash in the corner of the eye


A chilling sensation that there are eyes upon you


Stealing your aspirations and feeding on ambition


Existing everywhere and nowhere simultaneously


It lives inside the thunderous roar of quietude


Strange satisfaction derived from paralyzing fear


White noise inaudible and without distinct direction


Terror that can’t be described as it swallows you whole


As the world goes inconceivably dark and eternally quiet


All things devoured, absorbed within this silent scream


28 responses to “Silent Scream

  1. Oh, gawd, I felt this. You describe it so clearly and the picture is a perfect match. Combined they recall Edward Munch’ s ‘The Scream’.
    Your poem speaks on many levels of fear from psychological to night terrors.
    I’ve wondered at times what it would be like to go to the top of a mountain and scream as loudly as I could for as long as I could. Sounds a bit mental, I know, but we all have our ambitions! This makes me feel that I would get there, ready to let go of everything I’ve ever held in only to open my mouth for nothing to come out. Sort of strangled by silence. And, if you knew me, you’d know what a nightmare that would be! Another fine one, John.

    • Thank you for such a compliment friend. Funny you should mention it because I had both the descent into madness AND night terrors in mind when writing this piece. And I could not get away from “The Scream” while looking for a suitable image to accompany this piece. Either you know me very well, I am too predictable, or I did a decent job of portraying my thoughts with my words.

      And your nightmare of being struck silent for no apparent reason would be one of my darkest days as well friend. Seems we have that in common too.

      Thanks again. Be well and keep inspiring

      • I don’t know you so well to find your work predictable so, rest assured, your words themselves evoke the feelings.
        Strangely, another odd thought l had at one time was, ‘what if I just stopped speaking?’ Taking it through to its logical conclusion, I would have been locked up. I then imagined saying, ‘only kidding’ (!) but they would have decided I must be mental in the first place to have come up with such a notion and keep me in anyway! Then the scream would begin. Loud, eternal but ignored as silent because, obviously, I must be off my rocker! Sounds like I had a lucky escape from my own thoughts. Long time ago….back pedalling furiously now. 🙂 Strange place the mind. A wondrous little cave of its own with echoes of madness. Shit, I can feel a poem coming on! Maybe not. Might get locked up. 😉

      • Thanks, glad I am not predictable.

        My escape from my own thoughts is through this medium. Writing it out of my system so to speak. You tell such a tale here. I think you are onto something. Perhaps you SHOULD write on it as you suggest. Don’t worry about being perceived as mad. All the greatest artists throughout time were all varying degrees of insane. This person here typing this right now is certifiable. This I know with absolute certainty! LOL

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    • It seems that no matter what our demons, there is always something more sinister lurking in the shadows. Thanks Scribbler. Glad you liked this.

  3. A magnificiently dark, chilling, and captivating piece. I could feel the silent scream within it. Wonderfully done.

    • Thank you so much my new friend. The word masterpiece both humbles me and scares me a little to be honest. It’s okay though. As you may have noticed from my writing,I like being scared. Such an inspiring and powerful form of adrenaline is fear.

      Thanks for reading and the humbling comment

  4. I love how you can put words to that which is almost indescribable. You illustrate the paradox of one silently suffering with chaos raging. I have missed immersing myself into your world, my friend.

    • Thank you D. I had a lot of fun with contradictions here while also writing about a tremendous amount of turbulent emotion.

      “the paradox of one silently suffering with chaos raging”

      Are you kidding me? This describes this piece better than any of the lines I so carefully chose for it. You are so very gifted and we need to write again soon.

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