Standing like a sentinel along cliffs edge

Listening to the crashing surf all these years

Watching ever vigilant as ships pass in the night

So as to provide safe passage to the masses


Lifeless tower seemingly with a vitality to behold

Holding the secrets of the ocean selfishly 

So many lives were lost on this guardians watch

What toll did surf and rocks treachery take?


Turning a brilliant gleaming eye on suffering

The soulless citadel cares not for desperation

Nor does it hear the wailing in the night

As the countless departed call from the deep


Grand irony can be found in such an eerie twist

As the watcher has for many generations been watched

A nightly vigil has been kept throughout the ages

As a lady in waiting observes from afar


This beautiful maiden awaits her long lost love

Bravest navigator so tragically lost to raging sea

Casualty of this monuments utter disregard

Stolen from her well before his proper time


So fitting that time will see her find revenge

She has the luxury of the seasons on her side

As she will gladly watch the ravages of time

Take their toll on decaying brick and stone

16 responses to “Lighthouse

  1. I love this line, “So many lives were lost on this guardians watch” – you have such a vivid writing style. And you also have a knack of bringing memories out of dark corners of my brain – in a good way!

    • I love the dark corners of the mind. With just enough light filtering in to silhouette all the things that are best enjoyed in a dimly lit environment. Thanks for the compliment. You seem to have very unique lines that speak to you from my writings. I love that. It is so enjoyable to see different people take different things away from my words. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to know that although I write for ME (selfish bastard LOL) you and others draw from it as well. Keep Rawkin CBXB

      • Thanks CBXB. I do write for me, but secretly (not so much) hope that others take something from it as well. I am so glad you “GET” it my friend.

        As far as the selfish bastard thing goes….I am just flattered to be thought of at all by such a stellar fun loving human bean. Keep on rockin CBXB

  2. A decadently dark write with the sea as the backdrop — how could I NOT love this one? And I must admit, I can identify with the maiden wanting revenge … but I’m not quite as patient as she.

    • Thanks D. Glad to see you looking over the shoulder of my shoulder Devil once again. Hope you find the time to get all caught up. This one was just seemed a natural development of my fascination with haunted buildings and lighthouses seem to be kept standing by the stories of their past at times.

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