Undeniably captivating and mesmerizingly seductive


Floating and fluttering as if carried on an angel’s wings


Seemingly formless silhouette ever so gracefully drifting


Twisting, billowing, shifting with the slightest breeze


Such a tasteful aroma lingers and saturates my memories


Calling forth fond recollections of playing too near the flame


Enraptured by the ceaselessly suggestive swirl and sway


A tiny dancer spins tantalizingly amidst a serpentine cloud


Hypnotically delivering me back to a much simpler time


Filled with wanton curiosity and lustful passions untold


Unheeded lessons of the fiery origin of my sensual seductress


Bring me to my knees as I pray for new salacious desires to unfold




17 responses to “Smoke

  1. Opulence in the imagery. ‘She’ also looks like the Rolls Royce figure. Decadence personified. A beautifully wrought poem. It feels hedonistic and luxuriously sensuous.

      • Complimentary, John. The words rolled off my tongue while enjoying a cigarette! I had the benefit of the sounds of your words and the sensory experience. Definitely decadent. I really should pack it in. The smoking…not the reading aloud. 🙂 x

  2. You know I love this one as it is full of our favorite words and visions!! A cosmic favorite, for sure!!

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