Dreamscape’s Doorway


Waking to the bright sun shining through the trees

Realizing that waking is not at all what has transpired

As I push through the barriers of unconscious mind

To find priceless treasures of a most extraordinary kind


Sometimes the visions arrive as if beckoned by the night

Others must be coaxed from the shadows against their will

Strange realities await me as the clock ticks on the wall

I drift out beyond the edge and feel the shivers as I fall


Such beauty beckons me from each and every side

As hideous truths come out to dance along the edge

I hear the chanting from some age old weathered text

As I cross the threshold from this existence to the next


A contradiction of elegance and impurity abounds

Fire and water intermingle like lovers of long ago

While land and sky meet in a torrid, lustful embrace

And sun chases a moon clad in black leather and lace


These illusions become etched into my conscious being

To a point that I feel most comfortable within my dreams

I often anticipate the moment I can collapse upon my bed

And let confusion and clarity reclaim their home inside my head



15 responses to “Dreamscape’s Doorway

    • Thank you. I am glad you find a familiarity with this piece. I find much comfort in my dreams. Strangely sometimes more in my nightmares than in my peaceful dreams. Something about the adrenaline born through fear. Sometimes though I just am amazed by how strange and ever evolving a dream sequence can be. The randomness sometimes seems not so random at all, if that makes sense. Thanks for dropping in and reading. Be well friend.

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