Ripples of Escher


Sometimes I find myself on a trip inside my mind

Walking through lands that I will never understand

Worlds of abstract images and realities so surreal

People, places, and things that just should not be


Strangely I feel at home among the peculiar people

Feeling of comfort and serenity amidst this chaos

Stairways that surround, to confuse, and astound

See in the sky a flock of puzzling fishes and birds


Patterns and prints form figures out of nowhere

As kingdoms spring forth from mere imagination

Lost inside this mind’s eye I am ever awestruck

As never is witnessed an identical vision twice


I now hold before me this artist’s crystal ball

Gazing upon a reflected image of odd ideas

An echo ripples off of true artistic inspiration

As a fleeting glimpse catches a likeness of me

4 responses to “Ripples of Escher

  1. I love what goes on inside our heads whether asleep or awake, the scope of imagination and otherworld realities that could be possible in another dimension of self. There is a weird comfort in the bizarre and endless ability to weave an alternate universe within. You express this for me here in a way that brings comfort and wonder.x

    • Thank you friend. I am glad you like it. I have been a fan of MC Escher’s artwork for a long time and thought it would be fun to write some of his artwork ideas into my written ideas. The bizarre abstract is what always catches my eye, and I would kill to know this man’s thought process while drawing.

  2. I do believe there are cosmic ripples in play here! 😉 What a divine interpretation of your admired artist, friend! I found myself lost in your words just I find myself lost in his artwork. I am blessed with such a brilliant talent as a friend!

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