Juliet’s Fate


Ageless beauty persists among the ruins

Splendid elegance within these castle walls

Time stands ever still for fairest of the fair

Maiden awaiting love’s triumphant return


Standing nighttime vigil in tallest tower

Watchful eye for a torch on the horizon

Ages pass like single fleeting moments

Her lover seemingly never to return


True love denied by the ravages of war

Left all alone to wallow in her solitude

Her weeping can be heard within the breeze

His name cried out by an abandoned heart


Disillusioned by grief, A princess mourns

Clinging to the faintest hope upon hope

That someday her knight will reappear

To rescue her from fairest Juliet’s fate








11 responses to “Juliet’s Fate

    • I knew I wanted to write a ghost story. When I found the image the time period just became crystal clear. I have always been fascinated by the paranormal and find haunted castles to be especially intriguing. Thanks for the compliment. I am glad you enjoyed this.

  1. Oh John — this takes me back to the first 24 hours of your presence in my life when I spent hours immersing myself in your words. The dark tone with hints of romanticism and yearning — this is vintage JMC813!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

    • Thank you so much D. I am so glad it brought back those memories. I must say, I look back fondly on the memory of that time. It was such a special feeling to have someone take such a dedicated interest in my work. I consider you a special friend and it is primarily due to that time and the seemingly effortless and immediate connection we had. I have to laugh at the use of the term “Vintage JMC813” as I have not yet even reached my one year blogging anniversary, but I am glad this piece takes you back there.

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