Red Sky


 Vast oceans of blacks and whites

Seemingly ablaze in absence of color

Gleam brightly under brilliant light

Of a luminescent pale gray moon


A calm surface hides many mysteries

Sea creatures dwelling in the depths

Thriving in shadows of hueless quietude

Silently inhabiting their darkened realm


A threatening sky gives the only pigment

This sinister shade of crimson spells doom

Once a sign of a peaceful sailors journey

Beware thee now, ominous red skies at night







11 responses to “Red Sky

    • Thanks Louise. Glad you liked it. I was kinda feeling an H.P. Lovecraft type of vibe during this and was very loosely tying the ocean’s inhabitants to mankinds impending doom. But of course my goal is always to leave everything open to a readers interpretation and imagination. Have a great one and thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Thanks CBXB. My writing start was darker flash fiction, so I rely heavily on my words telling a story, yet being vague enough in content to allow the readers imagination to take command. Hope this piece took you on a journey.

      • It most certainly took me on a journey. And I love your style of writing. It most definitely leaves enough vagueness to let a reader’s imagination run while still giving us a hearty start.

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