The Dream Is Life


Floating not falling

Only to fall when the floating stops

Chased by the unseen

Running but never getting away

Time is running out

Yet I have all the time in the world

The sun rises

But is only the moon in disguise

Confusion reigns supreme

As certainty is the most real understanding

Castle walls

Crumble away leaving cardboard shacks


I possess the wealth of kings

Lack of choice

Creates endless possibilities

Pleasure abounds

As pain becomes unbearable

I feel alone

While surrounded by the masses

Darkness envelops

As rays of light pierce my soul

Doors close

As I race through openings

Sewn shut

I fall through a hole in the sky

Slumber ends

As this dream begins again




14 responses to “The Dream Is Life

  1. I am completely captivated by this piece. I imagine it is the antithesis that you so masterfully illustrate in your words that draws me completely in. This is one of my new favorites of yours!!! I’m ready to dance when you are — just let me know! Love to you, friend!!

    • I was talking to a friend about crazy surreal dreams when it dawned on me that the waking hours are filled with MUCH more confusion, contradiction, cruelty, and lack of fairness than any dream. So that brought about the last lines and the title. So glad you get it D. I knew you would. You are always so supportive of my work and for that I am ever thankful.

    • Thanks Morgan. This was an interesting eye opener of a write for me. How could life hold more contradiction than the most surreal of dreams?
      Pretty easily I come to find out. Be well my friend.

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