Obsidian Reality


A heart that knows the heat of a volcanic eruption

Must also realize what molten lava leaves behind

A hardened glass;  glossy, sharp and jagged rough

Deeper shade of onyx would be impossible to find


Broken shards of a soul with an obsidian reality

Forged in the shadow of fires scalding perfection

This gem of human condition grows solid as it cools

It’s lustrous broken surface shines in black reflection


It’s stony surface now razor sharp, barbed and broken

This organ now pumps a lifeblood of fear and distrust

Once burning with the heat of a thousand angry suns

Now hardens icy cold from this love destroyed by lust


16 responses to “Obsidian Reality

  1. Dang with an mn! This is awesome! Powerful, creative, vivid, accurate! Love it. Btw I spoke with my sister today and she just went on and on about how much she loved our duet! She’s a avid reader and she said she could picture the entire scene throughout- it’s one of her very favorites. Was some fun feedback I thought I’d pass along.

    • Thanks. That is so absolutely cool to hear. I am proud of that piece and US for bringing it to life. Thanks for passing that along E. It makes me feel good. Also thanks for the high compliment on my latest. I love the word Obsidian I had to do something with that word in the concept.

  2. John — WOW!! It really did hit you last night. What is really amazing is how cold and dark the conclusion when I know how “light” you were last night! I love this piece — especially in recognizing how easily love can be destroyed by lust. Awesome, friend!!

    • Thanks D. Yeah luckily I can separate the dark from the light most days, and don’t necessarily need to be in a somber mood to draw rain from a dark cloud. I was happy with how this piece unfolded. I tend to find a stronger emotional bond to heavier subjects for some reason. Not to say My light or romantic pieces don’t hold strong emotions within me, but my darker brooding side tends to run deeper to my core I guess you could say.

  3. I do love the power and strength in your words, and this piece’s harsh truth. I take it as a betrayal has happened, love lost, anger and distrust gained. It is a beautiful way to express such a bitter emotion. Very Very Good Poem, John 🙂

    • Thank you Morgan. I am glad you liked it. It started as an urge to write about s favorite word of mine, and became a bit darker and with deeper meaning than I had intended. I always like it when something takes on a life of it’s own as I write it. I wish it happened more often.

      • I do know what you mean. sometimes I start with a word and before I know it Im reading the poem and wondering what it came from 🙂

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