Desperation Angel

Desperation Angel

A sad and tragic story gets told in charcoal black.

An existence of sins committed can’t be taken back

Crystalline droplets form unyielding frozen tears

Too late for her now to relive the wasted years


Existence of insanity and wanton salacious fires

Day by night living on those twisted lust desires

Sands of lifetimes hourglass ran out for her so fast

Now called before the Master to answer for her past


His newfound tainted angel, of temptation and of sin

Earns black wings of destiny as her servitude begins

An eternity of emptiness and a barren lifeless soul

Her desperation grows as she is given her new role


Hers will be to pull the children back in from the light

To be that sultry voice that guides them in the night

   Her torture to spend an afterlife reliving wicked youth

Life’s fractured illusion turned death’s morbid truth


16 responses to “Desperation Angel

  1. LOL. Thanks E. Genius is a bit far fetched but does have a nice way of rolling off the tongue. And may I just say that the light that shines from Journey in Rhyme is the source that casts the shadows in which my creativity dwells.

  2. I don’t have a lot of time to comment because I’m running off to the ball fields, but I had to say “Awesome” and this is my new favorite of yours!!! This one hits me deep, of course. LOVE IT!!!

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