Dawn of New Creation

Sunrise Over Rain Forest in Phuket Thailand   tumblr_mifnjoYc5o1qb30dwo1_500

Dawn sees an angry sun eager to chase the stars from a blackened sky

The cold morning air brings a biting sting to all who dare inhale deeply

As the heavens begin to glow, rich with hues of sun and cloud united

Creatures begin to stir as brilliance of nature is lit by the grace of Gods


A planetary transcendence so abundant in rich and undeniable beauty

Newfound existence growing up in the wreckage of generations past

Slowly blanketing the ruins left behind once the reckoning subsided

All around is evidence of a flourishing return to the way things were


Balance finds itself truly held by a strong hand of vigilant authority

As is witnessed in the evidence of a wasteful population long gone

Another day finds it’s end as the creatures of the new era find shelter

And that same angry sun gladly welcomes sweet lady moon to his sky


17 responses to “Dawn of New Creation

    • Thanks Louise. I can’t wait to see what my words helped to inspire. Knowing your talent I am sure it will be nothing less than stellar. Rest well and Thank you again.

  1. My favorite was the ending as the moon was indeed welcomed back into the foreign land you transported me to this morning. I love waking to your words, your images.

    • Thanks D. As you know, this started as the 1st stanza of our next collaboration but quickly developed a life of it’s own that needed to be told immediately. So glad it touched you.

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    • Thank you friend. What an extremely beautiful planet we live on. Imagine how much more beautiful it would be without humanities greed for progression by way of destruction.

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