A King Without Words


I liken myself to the King of all beasts

Majestic and strong, with swagger and sway

A weakness I have, not too proud to admit

Is I run out of words, and have nothing to say


I look to the sky with an awe so inspired

Others write effortlessly with style and ease

My wish is to flow like a river with ink

Above all else this King must be pleased


So I Roar, and I claw, and I bite, and I scratch

I think and I write until my creativity hurts

Yet my page is filled with senseless ideas

My words only come in spatters and spurts


Unsightly am I, this King of the Jungle

I struggle with an artistic thorn in my paw

Help me remove this spike from my heel

And I’ll write so that you’ll see just what I saw


I look around at all the inspiration and see

The countless numbers of an artistic pride

I feel comfort in knowing I will always find

The words that I need with you all by my side


8 responses to “A King Without Words

  1. I have the same problem…as for you Sir J, your words always inspire others. I know they inspire this lupine to howl ((awhoooo)). See!!!

  2. I don’t think you run out of words. I think you put pressure on yourself to just express them perfectly. 😉 You don’t understand that many of us think what you say …. no matter how you say it … is important. Love you, friend!

    • Thanks friend. I don’t know if I run out of words as much as inspiration. As far as the pressure to perfect the words, you are correct. I am working on it though.

  3. I keep coming up with only one word: POWERFUL. As much as I love words well used, having only one word that fits frustrates me. Well done!

    The image of the roaring lion in a cloud of letters speaks volumes. I’d like your permission to use it in one of my own posts. Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you MT James. I sometime feel like the Lion in the image. You are more than welcome to use it as far as I am concerned. Be well and keep Inspiring

  4. I can relate to the artistic thorn in the paw! We’re always our harshest critic. You are able to express yourself beautifully. Xo

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