Letting Go (For a Friend)


A salute to you and the newfound awareness

Of freedom from the shackles of self imposition

An utter triumph of the mind, body and spirit

Free at last from the chains of others conditions

The creative mind will be set free to fly again

When we can finally let go of our own insecurities

Let pen, brush or lens capture lightning in a bottle

Let windows to the soul conceive art with raw purity


12 responses to “Letting Go (For a Friend)

    • So true but when we free ourselves from the chains we self impose by worrying about what others think, we our truly free to create art from our true vision. Much easier to say and write than to actually do. Why I had to write this for a friend who had this epiphany just a while ago. Hope she holds onto it for a while.

  1. Empathizing with other people’s experiences works wonders for inspiration! Great piece. I’m laughing because one of my posts today used “windows to my soul”! Our in sync writing again.

    • I love our synchronicity E. It is inspiring to have that connection of artistic direction. Awe inspiring when it is not just scary. LOL. I wrote the next stanza BTW.

  2. You are not only an amazing friend, you are such a gifted writer. I will always cherish this piece. And I do hope I can truly remain free from those restraints. The pure joy found in tapping into our creative soul and letting it flood the paper is indescribable!! You know I’m reblogging this, right?? 😉

    • When we write for ourselves it matters not what others think. It is always an added bonus when others enjoy our work, but we must remember why we write in the first place. Our own desire to express ourselves. Writing WITH other writers has and is still teaching me to see others perspective’s on my words, and vice versa. What a fun way to learn. But at the end of the day we must write naked “so to speak” and let both praise and criticism be heard and taken for what it is. Interpretation.

      Your Pep talk piece inspired this because I see so many of us get caught up in what others think of our work. At the end of the day, it is just me, my thought’s, and my pen/keyboard. It will stand to do me nothing but good to write what and how I like.

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