Writing Blind (first free write)

Power of Words

Free to write

Free to be me

Not how I write

Not how it goes


My words are my weapons

Chasing dragons and dreams

Slaying nightmares and enemies

Imagination my freedom of self


Darkness shines through

As I hold back my light

When the light comes forward

It brings attention to dark


Most important of all

Is to just forge ahead

Write for my person

Speak for my name

9 responses to “Writing Blind (first free write)

    • Thanks E. I am not thrilled with this piece, but it was definitely an experiment. The ultimate goal is to write with a combination of free flowing agility, and carefully intended words and purpose. My be chasing the holy grail there, but that is the goal. lol

      • Get to chasing it I say! You’ll know when you need a break or it’s time to quit. I only have one or two kind of like that. They flow straight from the heart without interruption.

  1. So, free write was a challenge to your perfectionist side? Well, you mastered it, my friend. I always enjoy when you wield your sword, no matter the form.

  2. Thanks D. It was just a spur of the moment test that I threw at myself. Not sure if I passed, but I will continue to grow and learn from these self imposed challenges

    • OMG how did I miss responding to this Patty…. I feel so bad. I don’t accept awards for this blog, as I just don’t have the time to pay them forward with the effort and respect for other bloggers that they deserve. I am, however, deeply flattered that you would consider me for an award of any sort, and am truly humbled by your nomination. Thank you so very much my friend.

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