Born of the Moon


Birthed unto a curse

Of a blood red moon

Realities of a Were’

Learned all too soon


Shifting of shapes

While under the spell

This lunar insanity

An eternities hell


The desire for flesh

Begins right at birth

Caught between worlds

To wander this earth


Should they embrace

Their wolf or their man

Whichever they choose

Get out while you can


They soon settle in

As one with the pack

Beware the full moon

And their vicious attack


13 responses to “Born of the Moon

    • Told ya I would. Thanks for the prompt. It was a fun flowy type of write. I love those. I got soooo busy for a while I had a bunch of stuff backed up. I been on a mini roll lately and I am hoping it continues.

      • Thanks E. This one is on you though. Great idea. I owe you credit for the subject inspiration. Hopefully my creativity and desire sync up a little more consistently from here on out.

      • I’d like to think dry spells are when we are building up the little rain that comes in to a well we will dip into later. Not fond of them, but have to believe they serve a purpose. Maybe we are to be gaining from the works of others, sharing with their experiences, giving of our experience (like you always do). Productive pause. NOW, play this back if I run dry again! LOL.

  1. Very well done and very much you. So glad to see so much more of you back here. Although you have supported me every step of the way during your “absence”, I have missed reading YOUR words like this. Welcome back, my cosmic friend!!

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