Aces and Eights


Pull up to the table with a Devilish grin

Take my cards from the dealer of every sin

The ante is high, the stakes even higher

My loss means my fate of eternal hell-fire


I glance at my cards and see what I hold

As this chance game of life begins to unfold.

A hand made for winning and built on desire

Shall surely bring about my foes funeral pyre


Life or death in the balance, name of the game

The dealer of wretchedness, has many a name

I clutch my cards close, in death’s desperate grip

No longer care free, or ready to shoot from the hip


Now the time has arrived to lay down our cards

Surrounded by minions, canines, and guards

My screams could be heard far across the land

As the Devil displayed his “Dead Man’s Hand”


15 responses to “Aces and Eights

  1. I am the one envious now — and this clearly illustrates that I was correct about your boundless talent and vision!!! LOVE!!!!!!!

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