Purple Moon


These quiet nights

My only friend

My heart it swells

With peace they send


Comfort found

In violet haze

Guides me through

My internal maze


I seek to find

My solace soon

I ever chase

My purple moon



8 responses to “Purple Moon

    • Thanks D. Perhaps at one point in my life it would have been a lyric. This was a very quick write. From inspiration to post was a matter of minutes. I wish that would happen more. And if I see that purple moon I will not let you have it all, but will be more than willing to share.

      • As long as you keep it safe for me, I’ll be happy!!! And Babe — you have not had time of late for inspiration to pour from your soul. That will change now. Much love!

    • See…..I knew that and was just playing to my audience. LOL. Just Kidding of course, but so glad it contained 2 of your favorite things. Purple is a very soothing and peaceful color as well as it’s ties to royalty and the majestic moon.

  1. beautifully written, i find comfort in these words! which is usually not the first initial reaction i get from most of your pieces haha it shines so purple it becomes a blue moon, right? 😉

    • Thank you MW. Yes usually I write from a more shadow filled realm. But I do have my moments in the light. In this case it is the light cast by a purple moon. my lighter side does seem to appear only once in a blue moon. LOL. I see what you did there. And I like it.

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