Comedy and Tragedy


Faces of  familiarity

Grinning and weeping

Each one with severity

Secrets to be keeping


A horned jester

And a crying clown

Old wounds still fester

As they both bring me down


A fool with his smile

An angel in tears

They play all the while

On this man and his fears


Between darkness and light

A choice must be made

I turn towards the night

As my soul starts to fade


Crystal clear is the winner

I no longer have restraint

I’d rather laugh with a sinner

Than cry with a saint

9 responses to “Comedy and Tragedy

    • Thanks D. It is good to be back here again. Almost 2 weeks since my last Confession………I mean post. LMAO. Hopefully the creative floodgates will open

    • Good for you. Ya caught that. One of my favorite lyrics of all time. I have been wanting to incorporate that line into my writing somewhere and this was it. Just a little borrow from Billy Joel. I love that you recognized it. You seem too young to be familiar with his stuff so I am going to assume you might be a music junkie like myself.

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