Divine Contradiction

Beautiful Dark and Light. (one and the same)

She wields the sword of daylight,

Brings the peace of night as well.

Representative of the Heavens, 

Delegate to the Devil

Wonders of the universe,

The horrors of Hell


Seductively wicked

Passionately tender

A timeless virgin

And timely whore

Immeasurably shrewd

Yet blissfully ignorant

She is all these things

And so much more


Truths and lies be told

They share the same name

Both contrasts and

Contradictions allude

That the Dark and the Light

Are truly one and the same.


46 responses to “Divine Contradiction

    • Thanks. That was a quick comment. I barely had it posted. lol. Even had to go back in and give the last stanza a minor tweak. Hope you still like it.

      The image (as with a lot of my work) spoke to me and brought the words to mind.

      Thanks again for your kind words.

    • LOL. Such a compliment. Sensei……I think not. I am but an infant in the journey told by rhyme. I could learn as much or (based on what I have read from you) MORE from you my friend.

      In fact that gives me an Idea. I am not sure if you have collaborated or composed a DUET with anyone before, but if you are interested, I would be honored to compose with you. Let me know what you think. Drop in on my site and find the “Partners in Rhyme” category, if you would like to get a feel of things I have worked on with others. Anyway, Let me know what you think, and again THANK YOU for the kind encouragement.

      • I doubt that to be true. My poetry pales in comparison to your own. I am very flattered by your offer. I have never done a collaboration, and I’m not even sure I could do it. My poetry just sort of strikes me from time to time. May I have time to consider it? I would not want to disappoint you, or your readers. 😉

      • You could never disappoint me. DUETing is more about working outside the box and adapting to anothers creative influence, and sharing unique ideas and directions. There really is no wrong way to go about it. It can be a very fun and surprising endeavor. Whatever you decide is fine though, and take the time you need to decide. We write for ourselves first, so if this does not seem like something you would want to attempt, I understand but hope you would be willing to take the leap. Your uncertainty sounds much like my inner voice the first time I was asked to duet. I would recommend looking at “Partners in Rhyme” category on my site, or take a look at http://www.hastywords.wordpress.com. She duets frequently with many artists and I am always amazed at her compositions with others. Anyway ther is no wrong answer. I do have to say I enjoy your work and meant it when I said it would be my HONOR to compose with you. BTW in perusing your site again, I want to add that your poem “Encounters” from Oct. 17th of this year is proof positive that you have the skillset necessary to put your words next to anybody. Just sayin……..

  1. May I have your permission to reblog this on my site????? P lllllllll eeeeeee aaaaaaa ssssssss eeeeeee?????? (You made me laugh, cry and beg all under 24 hrs. Has to be a record.)

    • You absolutely have my permission to re-blog this. I consider it an honor to be re-blogged as a matter of fact. As long as I believe in and agree with the blogs content. And you more than qualify in that category Desiree.

      • Thank you — It just speaks to me too much NOT to reblog on my site. Some of my closer readers will understand my identity to it.

      • How about today? I was just thinking that everyone has a dark and light side (whether they like to admit it or not). Some have quite a contrast between the two sides that make them easily definable. You may relate to this merely on the level that( my impression is) you embrace both sides equally and have a good handle on their subtleties and stronger characteristics. You seem to almost be the exact character this was written for. OOOhhhhh Now I know we were DESTINED to meet. I wrote this for you BEFORE I knew you. (warm shivers)

      • And just when I thought the idea of being someone’s muse was absurd, you made it desirable again! 😉 I don’t know how much of a handle I have on each side (especially the light), but I do know that as soon as I read it, it resonated very deeply in me. And the image is absolutely superb!! Did you write about the image or pick the image after writing? Doesn’t matter to me — just curious. Warm shivers, huh?? 😉

      • Much of what I write is inspired by the image. This one was a matter of finding the image, and 15 minutes later the piece was written. Inspiration kicked me in the teeth on this one. lol. I write both ways. but usually I have the image first, or an idea and I will hunt for the image that speaks to me. I try to make my writing as much about the visual as the written. Why a predominantly black page is colored with words. And yes, warm shivers. Bad things bring me cold chills……Good or pleasurable things give me warm shivers. Now ya know! lol

        BTW check out Sinful Veritas that I co-penned with a good friend of mine Hastywords. It is one of my favorite duets. See if you can tell why.

      • I was in the midst of reading it when I got this comment reply. This fate and destiny thing between us is a bit scary, John.

        I doubt I will pass your test, but the lines that struck me most were similar to what you believe called out to me on Divine Contradiction —- “The romance of light battling the lust of dark within our atmosphere

        Strong impassioned fervor between two forces longing to be one again” —- that internal battle that we wage, although you will claim that you have given yourself over completely to the dark (and you know I call bullshit on that!). Very powerful piece, masterfully done by two very talented writers. Now that I attempted a little sweet talk, too — was I right? 😉

      • The meaning behind the words you have pinned down perfectly. Struggle between light and dark as they mix and mingle, and the lines become blurred. All hidden behind the literal description of an Orgy of Angels and Demons. I was/am so proud of this piece, and this is one where I found the Image AFTER we wrote it. Could not have found a better one. Except the one I used for LUST, but that was taken already.

        Now, I totally agree the fate/destiny thing is scary. But also really freakin awesome at the same time don’t you think.

        And Lastly, I think I explained your belonging to Divine Contradiction so easily because I too have an awareness of both sides of myself. And while I immensely enjoy my dark side, I will correct you so you don’t have to cry BULLSHIT. My light side is actually the predominant side. I relate to the dark side, and it entertains me to no end, but my light soul is definitely in charge. If I ever got lost com[pletely on the dark side it would be my undoing. AGAIN……. A story for another time perhaps.

      • I am certain there will be many stories shared between us and we will know when the timing is right. And I am grateful that you acknowledge that you are ruled by the light, because that has already become very obvious to me in the short time we have talked. And yes — it is freakin’ awesome!! LOL

  2. Reblogged this on Sea of Desire and commented:
    I was blessed to find this gem on my new friend’s blog and hope you will take the time to read many of his posts. This one spoke to me in ways I cannot even begin to describe. Thank you, JMC!!!!

    • Thanks. Glad it spoke to you. If/when ya have time maybe check out my posts “LUST” and “Ode to a Sinner” as well. Similar content, and hopefully proof that at least THIS guy can be seductively erotic with his words. (actions too, but that is by invitation only. LOL). Thanks again for reading.
      Be well and Keep Inspiring.

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