Sonic Alliance

mojo-barriers 2012_download_friday

Shoulder to shoulder we stand

Brothers and sisters in arms

Barricades to hold us back

Yet our spirits own the stage

Brought together through love

Love of intensity

Of power


Provided by sonic expression


Volume high in thunderous roar

Resonating, reverberating


Thousands as a single voice answer back

A power surge of rage released

Set free into the smoke filled air

Alliance formed

Unbreakable bond

Forged like steel

Through rebellion and defiance

And all else these crushing harmonies reveal


Sound waves assault the atmosphere

Drive the tide

In a sea of humanity

Ocean of adrenaline

Many thousands move as one

Front to back

Side to side

 And back to the front

Frenzied passion free from malicious intent

Fists thrust high

Pumping to the powerful rhythm

Comaraderie in it’s liveliest form

Eternally linked together

Through Denim

 And leather

Furious cadence

And syncopated grace




18 responses to “Sonic Alliance

  1. You’ve certainly captured the essence and atmosphere of a might concert, this is a very strong lyrical piece, and the sentiments at the beginning can be of any other community gathering; but, the love of music and that togetherness is captured perfectly here. ☺️✨

    • Thanks Oz. I was reminiscing about the old days and all the many shows I was in the front row. Good times. Glad it spoke to you. It is always so cool when a gathering of so many people can become one for even a short time through one common bond. In this case Heavy Metal music……….

    • Not a specific concert. I have been to so very many over the years, and that whole scene was a very big part of my life for a long time. The music still is and always will be a huge part of who I am, but the concert scene is not as much anymore. I was thinking back fondly and this was the result. Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Thanks Hasty. I was reminiscing on the days when I was front and center at SO many shows. I miss those days. It is the days after I can live without. (if ya get me) lol.

  2. Me too. I was looking back on the good old days with some friends. Remembering the whole wild metal scene that was such a HUGE part of my life during the 80’s and early 90’s. The music still is and always will be. ALL music really. Anyway, it inspired me to write this. I am glad it spoke to you. Thank you for your tremendous compliment. I see it the same way as your former mentor, and hope that each time I write it lets the reader paint their own vision in their mind.

  3. This is great…like being there so well written.
    Open air concerts are the best
    When the music reaches the heavens
    Along with weed and hashish
    God himself would be rockin it
    For me it was the 70’s
    Alice, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Judas, Scorpions, Motorhead just to name a few
    and mellowed out to AC/DC, Rush, Tull, PF….too many great bands
    my best concert ever Rush and April Wine New Years Eve
    Not Heavy Metal but one F’d Up night.

    Sir J, you brought back happy memories (((AWHOOOO)))

    There’s a young band out now from Saskatchewan Canada, named Sheepdogs.
    Do you know of them? If not, check it out. They were the first band on Rolling Stone cover without a record label.
    Kickass Bluezy/Rock


    • Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t heard of them and always looking for new talented bands. First show I ever attended was a Day on the Green here in the Bay Area featuring Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Foreigner. To this day Iron Maiden is my all time favorite band by MILES. I was just a little bit too young and missed the birth of thrash metal here in the bay area, but a lot of those guys are still dong their thing. Woulda been nice to have seen bands like Mettalica, Megadeth, Exodus, Testament, Slayer, and Death Angel while they were just cutting their teeth in the local club scene.

      • You named some great bands.
        I have been blessed to see most of that list.
        My very first was at 15yrs old
        Kiss – Blue Oyster Cult and Chilliwack
        Of course I upgraded after that night lol
        Haven’t been to the Bay Area in years.
        Did a drive from San Fran to San Diego in 1982 awesome time.

  4. I have seen most of them live now too. Just missed out on the fun when they were all just starving musicians creating a new genre and ripping the local club scene to shreds. I was just a bit too young at the time to get into the clubs. And Kiss was where my rock n roll journey all started. I have obviously not looked back since. So much good music to be had and heard.

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