Earth Coven


Under a cloak of starry night

Brought to be by full moons light

Wickedly benevolent sisterhoods birth

A coven of our Mother Earth


A world ravaged for man kinds gain

Resources raped cause planetary pain

Sent to keep this Mother’s Child alive

Ancient wiccan priestesses arrive


The time has come for day of reckoning

The tears from Mother’s eyes their beckoning

Sisters in unity with the Heavens above

Cast spells reviving Earth Mother’s love


Seductively twisting in the breeze

Dancing eerily amongst the trees

With eyes like shooting stars they fly

Lighting up the midnight sky


Rivers, lakes and oceans abide

They work their magic on the tide

Focus shifts now to soil and sand

Incantations chanted save the land


All people’s gone, the slate wiped clean

Once again oceans blue and fields green

Innocent creatures left free to wander

Abundance of resource, no one to squander


A wiccan intervention leaves beauty infinitive

These witches brought swiftly, justice definitive

Earth coven the savior of Mother’s distinction

The only just course was our races extinction


Again a proud Mother looks from the skies

Her eyes start to spill, as softly she cries

The weeping she does not the same as before

Tears of joy fill the oceans and wash up on shore



28 responses to “Earth Coven

    • Thank you. Glad you liked it. I have just looked into your blog as well. I love what I saw so far. Had to follow along. Can’t wait till I have ,ore time to soak it in.
      Keep Inspiring

  1. This is very beautifully poignant, I love the topics you’ve woven into this piece, quite gritty, yet you’ve managed to write it in with delicacy and elegance, a very captivating read. ✨

    • Thank you. I hope we can reverse at least some of the damage before this drastic outcome becomes reality. What a planetary legacy we ar leaving for the children and their children etc.

      Thanks for your kind compliments

    • Thanks! Oh wait……you meant the post…….LOL.
      Kinda thinkin we are both sexy tho. Actually all three of us surely are. Okay enough. I am just in one of those big ego weird kind of say anything moods. Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Keep Inspiring

      • I meant the write, I had a dream last night about being a witch, its been on my mind a lot since the start of the latest series of American Horror Story.

        But take it to mean being sexy, its a nice day for it, I feel like it as well lol.

      • I knew what you meant but I couldn’t help being a jackass. LOL. Just in one of those moods I guess.
        This piece was inspired by my just being weary of seeing how we as a culture are just destroying the planet. We are in dire need of some wiccan worldly correction in a huge way. Also, I have a fascination with witches to a degree. I think we have commented to each other before on that very subject. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a good day/night.

      • Don’t worry I’m not such a serious person I don’t appreciate a joke. Nice write, and I agree with your ideas. Have a good one.

      • Good because I kinda like being a sexy jackass. lmao
        A good one is what I always plan on having. Kinda depends on who I’m having it with though. There I go again. Jeez. lol. You have a good one too.

  2. Brilliant and beautiful verse!!!!

    Again a proud Mother looks from the skies
    Her eyes start to spill, as softly she cries
    The weeping she does not the same as before
    Tears of joy fill the oceans and wash up on shore

    • OMG thank you friend. Such a great compliment from a truly talented writer such as yourself means the world to me. You have no idea. Thank you so much for taking the time to get caught up on my blog. I appreciate it tremendously and am ever flattered

  3. Often, I wonder, what we are leaving the future generations, debt and a battered earth, scarred and charred atmosphere and grounds. Polluting my heart with more worry than it already has. Great job, again. Your words flow with ease and grace.

  4. It is a great concern and a sad truth of so called “Progress” It makes me heartsick really. This piece and “Mother’s Tears” are direct results of my sadness and respect for our planet. Thank you for your very kind words in regards to my writing. The words come much easier from a place of passion.

  5. I truly love this, it’s my kind of thing. I rarely write poetry, but the concept is similar to a fiction piece I did for fun. It was darker, more gruesome and certainly not beautifully written like this, but I think the end result was about the same.

    Thank you again, for the visit and the follow. I’m looking forward to exploring more of your writing. I’ve read a couple so far, and am enjoying myself very much 🙂


    • Thank you, I like to write from the darker side, and you will find both flash fiction (categorized under “Haunted Chronicles”) and Poetry (under “Poetic License Expired”) I truly hope you enjoy yourself while visiting my site. I truly enjoy writing this way.

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