Race Day (Ready as I’ll ever be)


Early morning rise

A butterfly squadron

Comes as no surprise

Cold morning drive

Nervous anticipation

Met upon arrival

Old friends and new

Opponents for a day

Ritualistic repetition

Registration line

Pinning of the number

Fueling the engine

Calories to burn

Prep the machine

Fast as she looks?

Only as fast as I

Warmed up and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Butterflies insistent

Butterflies or moths?

Fly in formation

Self assurance

Inner confidence

Real or false

Strong and fast

These words dominate

Internal conversation

Roll to the start

Alert and ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Held steady and firm

Countdown finds zero

Race of truth begun

A solitary combatant

Explodes from the line

Butterflies vanish

With adrenaline surge

Focus is pinpoint

As strength overcomes

Discomfort is a constant

But crucial ally

Push through extremes

Finding rhythm and speed

Surroundings go unnoticed

All comes from within

My adversary is time

And it’s rapid elapse

My focus is speed

It’s consistent delivery

Power to chain ring

To wheels, to pave

Drive hard from inside

Push past the pain

Out of the saddle

Climb like an angel

Back into aero

descend like a Demon

Follow my pursuit

As I race against clock

For this I am ready

Ready as I’ll ever be

Suffering unceasing

Excruciating companion

Drives me harder

Pace is increased

Forge on, Dig deep

Deeper, deepest

Reach limits unknown

My purpose is clear

Indescribable agony

Intense exhilaration

Finish in sight

Courage in tow

Standing on pedals

Aggression found deep

Drive for the line

Down into aero

Cheating the wind

Stealing mere seconds

Away from the clock

My purpose made clear

As I fight past the line

All pain washes clean

Exuberant relief

Surroundings return

Filling my awareness

Senses heightened

Race clock has stopped

Yet time starts anew

Life’s metaphors abound

In triumph over





All defeated

By persistence

To forge ahead

With courage

And conviction

Power of purpose

Brings pride

Pride and accomplishment

I am the embodiment

Reality of these metaphors

Am I ready?

Ready as I’ll ever be

I have overcome


26 responses to “Race Day (Ready as I’ll ever be)

  1. I love this! Thank you for pointing it out to me. This is the perfect combination of words to describe the feelings and thoughts and physical preparation and action of race day. I can totally relate. Superb!

  2. This is just brilliant, captures the race, the endurance and the mindset perfectly, I love the flow too, it feels like you’re running the race too, excellent piece.

  3. A rollercoaster of emotions! So true of race day. You capture it all beautifully here.

    “A solitary combatant

    Explodes from the line”

    Love those two lines. You are an inspiration!

    • Thank you Nicole. Train hard, but enjoy the ride. I feel such a connection to anyone who has endured the suffering involved in any kind of endurance sport. Such a metaphor for life. We all share that common bond. I am so glad this piece spoke to you. I had hoped it at least somewhat captured the roller coaster ride that is race day. For both those that have experienced it and those who have watched us experience it. That is me in the photo BTW. (Shameless self plug, and ego pop. LOL). Good luck in the next 26.2 and I hope to see you around my site once in a while, as I am sure to visit both of yours. Be well and Keep Inspiring


      • I’ll be following along with your writings, John. 🙂 And that is an AWESOME photo! They snapped a good one. I have hated every photo of me running!!! I’m hoping to get a good one some day so I can frame it. It’s the best feeling, being surrounded by people who go through this torture voluntarily. I feel a connection too, with others who enjoy endurance sports. We know that feeling we are addicted to – that one when you’ve reached the finish line – is just too good to give up.

      • I suffered SO HARD that day. Glad you liked the pic. Eventually you will end up with a good photo during a run. I don’t see you taking a bad one BTW. As I may have said before. Natural adrenaline and endorphins are the best drugs EVER. And I spent a good part of my youth sampling a lot of the other ones on offer, so I might have a worthy opinion!! LOL.

        Keep running and inspiring.

      • lol!!! Thank you, John. 🙂 I’m very nitpicky with photos, especially ones where I have no control over the final product. As you well know we aren’t thinking of posing for the camera when we’re in agony! lol!!

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