Beware the Horseman ( Ichabod’s Bridge )


Each year at this time an age old story gets told

Of a horseman beheaded by cannon fire round

Knocked from his mount he lay dead in the cold

Revolutionary war at an end quiets battlefield sound


Many years to this day the soldier remains

Endlessly searching for that which was lost

Frantically galloping through shadowed terrain

Hunting for aeons through chilled autumn frost


So if you must journey these dark forests at night

Be ever so wary and with your travels make haste

Don’t lose your purpose and keep your haven in sight

If your trespass is noticed, for your head you’ll be chased


Know if you are hunted by the sabre-wielding spectre of lore

A covered bridge marks the boundary of this spirits domain

So sprint through the brush toward the cold waters shore

Find this old bridge now named for one Ichabod Crane


Ichabod was the first to be chased by Horseman sans head

Many accounts tell us he most assuredly wasn’t the last

Crane was elusive and clever,  found the bridge when he fled

Others found fates gruesome misfortune of many years passed


A vengeful apparition atop a black steed with Hellfire’s eyes.

His cavalry sword held proud swings high under harvest moon

Blade swings heavy and lightning quick to claim it’s new prize

Those not swift or crafty as Crane, find eternal nightfall so soon


Again I implore that if you ride through these woods after dark

Know where you’re going, move rapidly and mind where you tread

For if this ghostly equestrian finds you and his blade finds it’s mark

You’re doomed to spend eternity in an unthinkable Hell with no head