A Lycan’s Lament


If I could change the events of my past

Would I choose to turn back the dial ?

Stricken by my grisly new existence

Reality for eternity cunning and vile


I no longer tell time by watch or by clock

I follow the cycle of the nights bright moon

When it comes full and lights up the sky

Curse of the ages comes upon me too soon


My senses heighten along with anticipation

Eagerness abounds yet infuses with fear

The unceasing need to move swift on the hunt

Hunger driven by light of that silvery sphere


Instinct takes over as scent of prey abounds

Will to control vanishes, replaced by bloodlust

Spreading torment of my affliction without thought

Casting my eternal damnation upon victims unjust


Under lunar spell or in human form I have no remorse

Am I not, after all, bringing immortality into light?

Hunting is the only means of survival for my kind

By claw or by angry bite, victims will share my plight


The hunt always brings to question animalistic morality

If I am truly remorseless why do I dream so vividly dark

In restless sleep my victims plead for return to normalcy

In my waking hours my thoughts of guilt find their mark


Fate’s cruel hand has been dealt and I have no recourse

Yet my compassion for my mortal brother remains somehow

Survival is far too formidable an instinct to deny or control

My damnation endures and follows a path only destiny allows


Contemplation of my circumstance leaves me woefully troubled

For myself and for the tragically unaware that may cross my path

I am demanded by nature to follow the code of beastly instinct

Regret matters not as a full moon rises again to bring forth my wrath 


A new day dawns and I wake to the familiar smell of blood and earth

My thoughts quickly chase to remember the events of last nights moon

Ghastly visions of my horrific manifestation run through my cloudy head

As my worst reality hits… this lunar curse will return again, far, far too soon



10 responses to “A Lycan’s Lament

  1. a shapeshifter ….well told…
    one follows one nature as we are here to do…
    Good poem I like it and the thoughts it leaves me with
    Take Care…

  2. Awesome!!!! Man- So many recovery references in that poem. Anticipation! Heightened senses! Instincts, not thinking about it- just doing, survival. A “curse” (I didn’t sign up to be an addict/alcoholic), There is part of me who justified the pain I inflicted on others by playing the “it’s a curse card”-it was just part of it all… I needed to “get mine” so I could “survive”… Man… And the last few lines- waking up to the smell of earth and blood, (earth more than blood for me) and desperately trying to piece together the night before… Yikes!!! Thanks for the feelings and thoughts this is evoking. I’m kind of on fire, in a good way. That’s a neat trick!!! Excellent poem!!!!

    • That is what I truly love about writing. It is completely open to individual interpretation. I love the metaphors you drew from this piece. I was not thinking that when I wrote it but maybe subconsciously I was, because well……. It applies so truthfully.
      I am glad it brought to light what it needed to for you. Keep up the good fight. I truly appreciate your comments, and love your talent.
      Keep Inspiring

      • Thank you, and individual interpretation is another perk of writing for sure. I am still in the fight with more positives in my life than just a pulse! God empowered, I make ten months on the fifth. Thanks again for setting me ablaze with your gift!

      • Thanks for letting me know just how this piece spoke to you. It made me very happy. Sometimes we just find the messages we need in the oddest places, and seemingly always at the right times. Having seen life from the perspectives you are going through I know this first hand. Keep fighting my friend. It sounds so cliché but is so true. Just one day at a time. Hell, I even have to break it down into minutes from time to time.
        Keep Inspiring

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