Sinful Veritas

Here is another piece co-written by me and my friend Hasty at She is a truly gifted artist with the written word and I consider myself lucky to get to compose with her. I am also pleased to announce that she is now a published poet. Follow the link provided to open a brand new world of tremendous wordplay. “Darker Side of Night”. Be sure to check out her awesome blog site as well.


Darker Side of Night is available at Amazon in paperback or ebook.



Stormy clouds enveloped them

Hiding their meeting in the sky

Where dark angels congregated

With majestic ash covered wings


This gathering so dangerously forbidden

For the dark should never romance the light

But Heavenly allegiance holds no power here

As wings of white radiance tangle with those of fiery brilliance


Their passion rolling inside the thunder

Producing sparks that light up the sky

Their hungry appetite a clapping crescendo

Frightening earthly inhabitants with their rendezvous


The Demonic and the Divine twist eagerly in torrid revelry

Pushing boundaries of unspeakable eroticism and treacherous taboos

This heightening fervor becoming a furiously euphoric frenzy

The pure and possessed alike hunger for ecstasy and salacious satiation


  Will love overcome their bond and paint beautiful rainbows in the sky

Or will the deviance of dark wreck destruction outside our front doors

The romance of light battling the lust of dark within our atmosphere

Strong impassioned fervor between two forces longing to be one again


Nothing righteous could ever come from this unearthly carnal carnival

Writhing deities cast shadows of illicit acts performed by both angels and demons

Mankind is brought to it’s knees by lascivious desires sent down from a hole in the sky

The overpowering strength of reckless abandon spills forth casting a spell on all humanity




Written by Hastywords and JMC813

10 responses to “Sinful Veritas

  1. I enjoyed this very much!!
    Hasty is my girl, of course … and J, you are an incredible soul that she and I are both lucky to have met!!

    I envy you both for this piece because it’s fantasy is beyond my writing capabilities!!!

    So I always enjoy reading pieces like this!! Thank you for sharing!! Loved it!!

    • Thanks J. Glad you liked it. So much fun to write.

      I think (no…I know) you are an incredible soul as well. I truly appreciate our connection.

      Envy is not necessary because having read many of the things you have written, and written WITH you as well, I know there is nothing beyond your capabilities, only beyond your current beliefs in your capabilities. You have it in yourself and your SOULSHINE to accomplish anything you want. Know this my friend. That applies to everything in life. Not just writing.

      Thank you for being you.


      • Ah … well .. I am always up for a good challenge!!! And I am always eagar to learn more!!! Knowledge and experience are both extremely valuable to me … and so if the moment ever arrised, for me to venture into a writing of fantasy or whimsical genres … I would embrace it head on and with a fully dedicated heart!!! Oh I so would …

        Until that moment comes knocking on my door … I will continue to enjoy it in others work and continue to write from my soul … (I am desperately trying to get caught up here .. I’m behind at work and my to-do list is getting longer, not shorter!!) ARGH!! never enough time, it seems …

        Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this … it was really great!! But .. I expect nothing less from the both of you!!

        XOXO ~ Jen

  2. What a scene, what a story you two have created here, it has everything going for it, dark, light, love, battle..a delight to read, really is, please do keep collaborating, you two shine when you do. x

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