Pride of Icarus


Constructed by his father’s own ingenious artisan hands

Wings made of wax and feather’s of flightworthy bird

Escape from tyrannical captors is all but assured

Freedom at last from Greek isle of Crete’s burning sands


Sire’s wisdom of age and scion’s compulsion of youth

Sage advice from the elder, “follow close, don’t stray”

“and venture never close to the suns scorching rays”

Never was a man ever as correct as this sayer of sooth


The elder springs forth from highest cliffside to a waiting sky

Liberation from his island prison, he feels what it is to be free

Effortlessly gliding above the quiet morning Mediterranean sea

Wings of feathers and wax hold strong, what pure bliss it is to fly


Impatient successor leaps from the precipice’s edge without any fear

The adrenaline flows as his wings carry him above his father’s flight

Wise man looks back, sets eyes on his son, reckless boy at dangerous height

The young man is too high and feeling the heat from sky’s fiery sphere


Exuberant young man finds bravado in flight and ventures higher still

Shouts from his elder to reign in his exhiliration fall on deaf ears

Sound of air through his wings and a chorus of angels all that he hears

Drawn by urge to be closer to heaven, he soars ever higher chasing the thrill


A proud young man eagerly shows God and the world his artistry of flight

He glides and he soars without care of consequence or heed of firm warning

His wings start to melt, feathers fall away the result of Helios’s warming

Altitude is lost and panic sets in as the reality of gravity spells out his plight


Daedalus can only watch as his impetuous son falls from a sky of sapphire

Smoke of singed wing follows poor Icarus as he plummets from the atmosphere

Terminal velocity brings him down to meet an angry sea, his fate sealed severe

The demise of this cavalier young man was pride, as ego became his funeral pyre.


Written long ago, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall”

Words Icarus had probably heard but never listened, as clearly they weren’t heeded

 maybe he understood but cunning ego convinced him those words were not needed

Only one of the seven  sins, but it is spoken true, Pride is the most deadly of them all