“Sea of Life”


Each morning I wake to begin my seemingly endless journey anew
The tide is in and it is time to navigate these rough waters once again
This intricate dance with the waves, the ebb and flow of inconsistent surf
Unendingly vast and fathoms deep, I question my ability to stay on course
I look to the sky and the brightest stars above to guide my way back home
Which are arrows toward my destination, and which exist only to confuse my route?
Occasionally afloat, yet often submerged while the pressures of the deep constrict
The times I feel I am riding the crest of the highest waves are frequently replaced
Interchanged with the feeling that I am sinking. Drowning in the murky depths
Oh, how I am longing to feel the strength of solid earth beneath my weary feet
I scan the horizon far and wide for the sight of sacred ground to call my new home
Again this angry sea threatens to take from me any and all remaining sanity
To leave me lost and floating aimlessly across the expanses of my clearly pointless voyage
As I rock fore and aft with the rolling rise and fall of the ever growing swells
It dawns on me that I have become more than accustomed to the constant motion
In tumultuous storm or the tranquility of a gentle sea, I discover an inner calm
My reality is now as clear to me as the sunset in the distant oceanic horizon
This turmoil is not what drives me mad but rather gives me the balance I need
For me, without a stormy actuality there can be no true peace of mind or strength of spirit
The clouds part and the waters become still as this nautical realization comes to be
This ocean of uncertainty, this “Sea of Life” if you will, is exactly where I belong