Mother’s Tears


A single tear falls to rinse clean the land

Wash away the destruction by mankind’s hand

The time has arrived to acknowledge her pleas

As another tear drops to cleanse all her seas


Our protector of planetary perfection she cries

As our exquisite bestowal of residence dies

The direct consequence of oblivious neglect

Ripping open the skies with greenhouse effect


Earth is burned and blistered by a furious sun

Our population’s global desecration must be undone

Rivers, lakes, and oceans fill with caustic acid rain

We finally unite to end our magnificent mother’s pain


Now with eyes open wide to our home slowly dying

Once and for all put a stop to our dear lady’s crying

Live life anew in reverence of the place of our birth

Brings hope and mercy from our proud Mother Earth

17 responses to “Mother’s Tears

    • I agree. What a beautiful home we are destroying. I wish it wasn’t taken for granted so completely. Thank you for the comment and the read.
      Keep Inspiring

  1. Oh wow!!!
    This is absolutely beautiful!!!
    I love the way you describe the rain here … it is a way I have felt it as well. See, when I was talking about the rain, I described how it means many different things to me. It’s cleansing, but not always. It’s pure and healing, from our Mother Earth, but also washing away the dirt and sins of the world … Yes, I love this piece very much J. Very moving and strong!!! Thank you for bringing me here 🙂


    I want to share this on my space … the people of Tryst must get the chance to read this as well, my talented friend … ❤

    • Absolutely. throw my site a lil plug if ya would. But I would love to have you post that. It takes a lot for me to say anything that positive about my OWN work, but I am proud of this one.

      • Oh I understand that! I am the same way … I think most of us are, those who write, deep thinkers, the expressive souls, the artists, those of us who share and create, giving the world a little glimpse into our sensitive, wondering and curious souls … I think we are all quite critical of our own work, and have a hard time looking at a piece of us, that we have created, and saying that it is good, great or fabulous.

        That being said, however … there are those few and rare pieces that we finish, that we can sit back and look at and say, ‘Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to say, or do, or create!! And I feel like I did a pretty good job!!’ … There are those few pieces!! I too love this one of yours!! It is awesome!!


  2. Reblogged this on ღ Think. Speak. Tryst. ღ and commented:
    From the talented depths of a beautiful mind, showering us with one of the beautiful elements of Mother Earth, her rain and all it’s healing power … yet, through it’s cleansing, we see washing away the sin of man, the dirt we leave on the streets, and the things left to carry in out hearts …
    There are many reasons for rain … and in conversation with this dear friend of mine, we found ourselves sharing a view … So I wanted to share that with you …
    Enjoy this beautiful piece on rain, let it wash away any moment of pain. XO~Jen

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