One thing always leads to another

A second and more menacing reality

A knowing glance begets one more sinful regret

As a chance encounter transforms to wicked tryst

One eager push leads to fate tempting shove

And a truth never told surely becomes a lie

As a sigh of satisfaction takes the tone of a sirens song

The most lucid thoughts become forgotten to irrational passion

And weakness of the flesh transforms into the power of the night

As a silky soft rose petal carries stinging sharp thorns ever close

Fulfillment of erotic certainty is replete with devious deception

The thrill of the chase becomes the terror of entrapment

And the guilt ridden reality of events transpired become an aching

An unrelenting longing until every dangerous embrace can be relived

Again and again………


17 responses to “LUST

  1. Written like a true instigator of a wicked tryst or two. I guess I need to make sure I keep my Angel’s halo polished when I visit the devil’s lair!! 🙂

    • Or leave it behind all together. Your call. I love a challenge. Thanks for dropping in and the follow my new friend. I can’t wait to see what you have tucked away for us next at your site as well.

    • It does drip with lustful experience. (love that phrase BTW) It has no singular backstory but is rather a composite of different dances with the seductive demoness we call LUST, and the consequences of acting upon it. If the ecstasy of LUST is the price to be paid for weakness of the flesh, then I will not resist. HELL awaits……..

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