The Girl In The Window


   For the first time in many years I find myself in a new place. I needed to escape from the mundane existence I had grown so accustomed to for far too long. Where I am now matters not, but I must say I find it very refreshing to be somewhere different and unfamiliar. Even the constant rain and dismal weather does not seem to bother me. In fact, I have taken to walking most places within reasonable distance and find it a healthy way to clear the mind of distraction.

   On my usual route there is a cottage sitting on one corner that I find very unique. It is a quaint little place that seems to be caught in time. The home itself is kept in immaculate shape. I find it quite unusual that a home so well taken care of would have a yard that is so obviously neglected. Overgrown and unkempt. If it were not for the girl in the window, I would almost think that the place must be recently abandoned.

   Ah yes, the girl in the window. I find her the most compelling of all. She has been there every time I pass by. Day or night. Watching the rain fall and the world go by. More than once I have caught her gaze. She looks so sad. My mind has often strayed to thoughts of what has made this poor damsel seem so forlorn. Is she bound to a wheelchair? Sick with disease? Where are her parents? How long has she been in this state? The questions keep mounting. I am driven almost to the point of obsession with this young maidens plight.

   Once again on an evening stroll I pass by that corner house. Again, the young lady sits in waiting. I just shake my head as I think to myself how unfortunate her situation must be. It is evident in her eyes that her heart weeps. She looks so pale. My heart begins to weep for her as well.  

   A short while later I find myself in the local pub trying to shake off the cold and having a shot or two of liquid warmth. Being so new to the village I have refrained from asking, but with the comfort of strong spirits from the bottle, I am compelled to know once and for all the truth behind the cottage and this mysterious sad girl. Bringing it up in general conversation with the proprietor of this fine establishment, I asked in what I thought was the most respectful way possible if he knew anything of the property and the girl I see each time I stroll past.

   The response I received was both the most unexpected and chilling thing I have ever heard. I am sure to be haunted by these words in my nightmares and in my waking thoughts until the day I die. The man looked at me with a very stern face and said ” I know exactly the girl you speak of and I find your attempts at humor in extremely poor taste. Surely you know that a house no longer stands on that property. That lot has remained vacant ever since the fire”………….


15 responses to “The Girl In The Window

    • Thank you very much. I am a harsh critic of my own work most of the time, but this is one of my favorite flash fiction pieces I have done. From image to completion. I am so glad you like it.
      Keep inspiring

      • Me too. It can take me hours to write even one paragraph sometimes. If it doesn’t feel right then I will re-work it until it say’s what I want it to. I look forward to re-visiting your blog and reading your new pieces.

  1. In my mind’s eye’ she really is there but people have chosen to turn a blind eye to her situation because of their own selfish reasons. Haven’t you ever felt invisible in a room full of people?

    • More than I care to acknowledge. I tend to enjoy being at the center of it all. That is an interesting take on a ghost story with a twist. I appreciate your outlook.

      • I live with ghosts figuratively and literally although I’m sure the literal ones are the ones that intrigue you the most. Actually, it is one ghost. I can’t believe I’m telling you this —— my first husband was killed in a car accident shortly after our son turned two. The night of his funeral, my 2 year old was sitting up in bed in the middle of night “talking” to Daddy. He wasn’t terrified or anything — he was carrying on just as if he would normally. He said he could even see him (which I couldn’t, of course). Since that time his ghost has been seen by two of my sons and by my husband. I have never seen his spirit, but I do catch unusual movement at times from the corner of my eye. There have been unexplained doors opened/closed. The way he communicates most with me is with the radio. Some days there will be songs that are played at just the right time to get me through a really hard moment or when I need a release of emotion (I don’t let myself cry very often). We all look at him as a Guardian Angel and know he would never cause any harm. By the way — he appears as a bright neon green floating light to the others in the house.

      • I think we all have our figurative Ghosts. As far as the literal? I am a FIRM believer in the paranormal and the existence of Spirits/Ghosts. Everything you have told me makes perfect sense. The guardian Angel thing also hits home. I am sure my parents are sharing duty keeping me safe. As well as a full staff of “Union” guardian angels just for good measure. LOL. They say “It takes a village to raise a child?” well it takes 2 parental Angels AND the local GA # 777 to keep me safe. HAHA. Anyway, I am sure everything you experience is very real, and I truly appreciate you opening up and trusting me enough to tell me. I treasure that. I hope you didn’t think I would scoff or tease you for sharing. That is so not how I roll. Thanks again from one believer to another.

      • Thank you for your kind respond and understanding. It really isn’t something we talk about outside the home. Not because of possible ridicule but more because it is something so intrinsically personal to us all — even my two sons that are not by my first husband love and respect his memory and spirit. Damn it — you’re going to make me cry again!! I have rationalized that he hasn’t made a physical appearance to me because I communicate with him in conversations almost daily. There is a post on my blog, Broken Valentine, that touches upon his death. Thank you for encouraging me to open up ……… now to find the nails to pound back on the lid of Pandora’s Box. 😉

      • As I said, I am honored that you trust me with such personal details. I cannot express that well enough with mere words. I am glad you have such an amazing phenomena surrounding your entire family. I am sorry if I brought back painful memories my friend. I know you said you keep things to yourself, but just so you know, a shoulder to lean on, and ears to listen will always be here if needed.

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