Go back to sleep my dear


that is what they always say

it was all just a bad dream

or perhaps light casting shadows from the window.


Go back to sleep my dear


do they not see?

do they not hear what I hear?

I just want them to stop


Go back to sleep my dear


dream pleasant dreams

as if I have control?

it is when I am awake at night that I am most afraid anyway


Go back to sleep my dear


everything will be alright in the morning

they do not understand

morning may not arrive for me


Yes, I will go back to sleep


perhaps to join my tormentors in their obvious agony

for an eternity of crying out at night

as if woken from a horrible dream


I will go back to sleep


maybe then they will see and hear

and I will whisper from the grave

go back to sleep my dears……….


16 responses to “Tormentors

  1. You know what this poem reminds me of? Visits from the Shadow People. It could be the feel of the entire blog, but this piece in particular…brings back memories.

    • Thank you for showing interest in my blog. While my creative journey is still in its infancy, I look forward to watching it grow, and growing with it. I have looked a bit at your blog as well and am impressed with what I found. I also look forward to enjoying your creative perspective as well.

  2. I’m glad you pointed me over here! I definitely see the connection here with my story too. This was really well done, and I especially like the way you ended it. Truly frightening!

    • Go back to sleep my dear…………….

      lol sorry couldn’t resist. I hope you sleep well.
      If this scared you then it hit it’s intended mark.
      Yet here I am still holding your hand while we walk through the labyrinth of my shadow filled mind

  3. Okay, you warned me…Still gave me the shivers. How much I identify with this, as a child (and as an adult, sadly) How simple a suggestion. I truly wish, no one had ever suggested it to me. Go back to sleep…into what? The arms of demons? No nightlight in the world can erase this kind of fear. Eerie work here…

    • Thanks for reading. I am very sorry you can relate on such a personal level. Hope all is well and your demon’s remain dormant. Hope this wasn’t a trigger of any kind. Be well Holly.

      • You are a sweet soul, John.

        No triggers here, I assure you. I am armoring myself lately with Light and Truth. You’re very welcome-I’m sorry it took me a bit to get to reading it. Its always an interesting journey, when we open up to the mind to things we should fear and face them. I think it makes us stronger instead of weaker, if done in the right way.

        I wish you a fulfilling day…

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