What we have become…..


  Anger, resentment, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of futility. These emotions cannot be denied in my present reality. However, I am most assuredly not alone in my plight. This sentiment is made abundantly clear  to me by the emphatic voices of my peers and colleagues.  Friends and foes alike cry out at the injustices being served by the ruthless perpetuity that defines the corporate machine.

  We have been reduced to nothing more than numbers. Barcodes to be more precise. To the ones who control the things that affect us most we are really nothing more than a series of seemingly random lines varying in thickness representing some impersonal numerical code. The human factor no longer exists when things are examined from this perspective. We are not even a tiny spoke in the great big wheel, but rather miniscule grains of sand being driven further into the ground as that wheel of progress rolls onward, and the giant known as greed uses the working class as stepping stones in its quest for MORE.

  Our triumphs go remarkably unnoticed while the smallest errors get brought into pinpoint focus. The only true success now is to remain invisible, because to be noticed surely means you have been found lacking.  Each day the microscope under which we are observed gets more powerful and our flaws become more evident while our true value goes tragically undetected. 

  It is because of all this that I call out my plea to any and all who are fortunate enough to be living out a dream as a means of making ends meet in this brutal day to day existence. For if you truly enjoy what you do as a means of survival than I must applaud you with both admiration and a tinge of jealousy. I wish nothing more than to wake with a smile and eagerly anticipate what the day holds in store for me. So if you find my dream your reality, you must promise me this…..  That you will never become complacent or take for granted the good fortune you hold. Smile and remember those less fortunate. Not just remember, but make a promise to yourself to NEVER FORGET.                


10 responses to “What we have become…..

  1. Reblogged this on JMC813 and commented:

    This was written for my site some time ago, and sadly it rings true once again. Normally I hope people will relate to my words. In this case, I wish that no one relates to this situation, but sadly I realize that too many do. If you are one of the lucky ones mentioned, I only ask you to never take your good fortune for granted.

  2. I struggle with this, are we free? Have we ever been, I’m a bit dubious about freedom, free will and self determination, but I am trying 😉

    People are sheepish, they follow leaders with the hope of greener pastures, they are always shocked when they arrive at the slaughter house, and then its always – quick, find someone to blame.

    • I have worked for and with BOTH followers and leaders. If a leader comes from and recognizes his or her humble beginnings they usually can be pretty tolerable to work with and are usually decently successful. Problem is, you have to wade through an ocean of really shitty people in the form of both co-workers and bosses to find the one that has his/her shit together. Intelligence, humility, and good business sense are almost impossible to find in one person.
      Ah well. Back to the grind. Thanks for dropping in Scarlett. I always appreciate your opinios and perspectives.

      • Ah the great unwashed, smelly bunch… I Don’t have a lot of experience with the traditional work world but we had similar problems.

        It’s a pleasure, sorry it’s not more often x

      • You have way more LIFE experience, as do I. Something I wish more people with an overabundance of book smarts had. One without the other is a recipe for imbalance and insecurity.

        No worries on not being here more often. Life is a real thing. Just nice to see you when you do get a chance to drop in

  3. Some of those sentences could be straight from my own keyboard.
    Having just been “made redundant”, surplus to requirements, from just such a corporate environment, I find myself finally facing the opportunity to find a better way to make a living, and it is a strange feeling indeed.
    So reading this strikes a chord with me.

    • Thanks friend. The corporate reality is one of oppression to be sure. But survival of the fittest and most cunning is also a reality. I am still grinding away. My best wishes to you in your search for an enjoyable means of employment.

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