There are many who I can point to directly  that have a definite influence on my tireless imagination. The list is long with people who drive my creative impulse. But I must take the opportunity to bring to light one in particular. Someone who captures my imagination like lightning in a bottle, only to use it to further stoke my passion for the exploration of life through my wandering thoughts.

  She arrives to me in my daydreams as if carried by the wings of a dragon. An inspiration so powerful that she too must be a mythical creature. But I know it is real. So real in fact, that she makes my world of thought come to life in a vivid collection of images and words. The perfect contrast and compliment to my imagination and reality. The push to my pull, light to my dark, and perpetually the balance to any wavering of personal well being. The perfect answers to all of my questions, and better still the right questions to my many answers.

  She undoubtedly is the creative YIN to my imaginative YANG. For this I am eternally grateful, and I hope she is able to recognize how instrumental she is in my journey to explore the twisting, shadow fallen path that is the roadmap to my creative mind. My greatest hope is that she will remain by my side, or never be so far away that I am not able to draw from her bottomless well of inspiration. For all this, the only emotions I can put forth now are heartfelt gratitude, and endless thanks to you…….MY MUSE.


9 responses to “MY MUSE

  1. I like this one. I also have a muse. She is utterly beautiful to me, and has inspired me so much. It’s strange how one particular person can have such an effect on ones mind and imagination, but I am very glad she’s in my life.

    • It amazes me how just the thought of her during a rough day can change my mood and fill me with the inspiration to carry on.

      Thank you for taking a second to respond, and I want to let you know I enjoy following your creative journey through life’s twists and turns via your blog immensely.

      • You’re very kind, thank you. And thank you for visiting 🙂

        You’re right – if I’m struggling for something to write, the thought of my muse can bring thoughts of romance and love and sex and passion and it fires the neurons in a very satisfying way.

  2. Ah, yes — just as I suspected!! Behind every great writer (especially as it pertains to the naughtier side of our souls) there is a muse. 🙂

      • I just encountered a serpent on your page and yet I am continuing my journey — so yes, you are a great writer that weaves tales of intrigue. I’m sure you are told this daily!

      • Thank you for the kind words. Sorry bout the snake. You are really devouring my Blog with enthusiasm and vigor. I have to say….. I LIKE YOUR STYLE.
        And daily? Nope. But occasionally. And it never gets old. lol.

      • If you’re going to do it, do it right and all the way!! No apology needed — as long as it isn’t crawling around my feet, the snake is okay.

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