Welcome to my Imagination



Welcome my friends

    I welcome you all to the darkest corners of my active imagination.

Join me in my travels through thought and the intrigue it provides,

as I forge through this existence looking for answers to meaningless

questions,  trying to find peace of mind, as a world in seemingly

hopeless turmoil collapses around me.

   My mind wanders constantly. Occasionally it will focus on the 

optimistic and attempts to creatively shed light on the negativity

that is current reality in our earthly existence. 

   More often than not, however, it is these very negative places that

compel me to put pen to paper and let my imagination take me to a

much darker and far more interesting place. It is the place of heavy

shadows and things that cannot be seen that fascinate me. The

adrenaline produced by fear, and the tension created by the

ominous unknown will always be my dark mistress.

   So take my hand if you dare, and walk with me through the dark

forests of my mind, the twisted labyrinth that is my imagination.

If you walk alongside me, as I observe the obscure and frightening

realities that lie in wait for me in my thoughts, I think you will

discover as I have that when we are terrified is also when we feel

the most alive. Senses are sharper, the air more crisp, colors seem

brighter, and those dark thoughts previously mentioned seem to be

 in the clearest focus imaginable.

   So now you have only to take my hand and come with me. We

have much to see, you and I……. I promise to show you all I know

and will leave nothing back as I lead you through the madness that

governs my thoughts and ideas. We shall never be the same. There

is no going back. But I feel strongly that if you trust and follow me

closely, you will come to know that this is exactly where you belong.

   Let the shadows envelop you as we take our first steps together.

Hand in hand we walk into the dark mist and disappear into the

uncertain new ground that is my arcane imagination………


17 responses to “Welcome to my Imagination

  1. I like danger and I am an adrenaline junkie, but I hate haunted houses. So you better not let go of my hand in the really macabre parts of your mind!!

    • I am flattered that you have gone back into the archives. That was my very first blog piece. The beginning of the journey. Some of the material here was written before the blog started. “Portrait…..” was one of them. Kinda what I imagine my mind to look like at times. I am ever fascinated by the dark and scary.

      • I can tell. Always? Wanna share where you think that fascination started??? Or it’s progression. Please include your blood type and mothers maiden name!!!! LOL. Only if u want to share.

  2. I can say that it all started very young. I had nightmares as a child. Very REALISTIC in my head, but very far removed from reality. They terrified me. But I would also sometimes anticipate sleep to see what new dreams would bring. I think I developed an addiction of sorts to the adrenaline produced by fear. I have always read books dealing with the scarier side. Stephen King of course, but H.P. Lovecraft is probably more my style. A bit more cerebral, and just damn creepy. I now am fascinated with anything Ghostly or Paranormal/supernatural. I am kind of a fear dork I guess. Whatever……………lol.

  3. That’s actually very interesting- fear dorkism is a perfectly natural thing! LOL. Did you officially coin that term? I like it- and again, think you could work with that in a poem…. Yeah??? Experienced some wack paranormal stuff in my life – freaky stuff- but I never enjoyed the heightened senses or adrenaline!

  4. I like the way your mind works. I can relate to much of your writing from how I perceive it. Obviously it will perhaps mean something different to you. That is the beauty of writing, it does not have to be one way. Many years ago in school I was told I was wrong because I did not see a poem the way the teacher thought the poet wanted me/you to see it.

    I guess i can only see with my eyes, hear with my ears and feel with my soul. Your post ‘She’ speaks to me for many reasons. You have a new follower x

    • Thank you so much Allie. You truly understand what the importance of writing is to me. I completely agree that the beauty of writing is that each reader should be able to take something meaningful to THEM away from it. I strive to use my own voice in my writing but leave enough conceptual freedom for everyone to see what their own mind tells them.

      Also, any teacher that doesn’t understand the importance of individual impressions within poetry needs to go back to being a student. It may be important to understand the poets inspiration, but it is NEVER wrong to see it in your own unique way.

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